Mgr. Viktor Semanik

Family, property
and protection of rights

právnické osoby a podnikání

Legal persons
and business

Dědické právo

Inheritance law, inheritance proceedings

Ověřování a výpisy z rejstříku

Verification and extracts
from registers

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In our offices in Sokolov and Prague, we provide standard notary services with a personal and individual approach.

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  • Matrimonial property law
  • Transfers of property and custody
  • Creditor protection
  • Adjustment of co-ownership
  • Appointment of a guardian in case of future incapacity
  • Trust Fund Statutes
  • Establishment of companies, cooperatives and their changes
  • Direct entry into the Commercial Register by a notary
  • Amendment of the statutes of the association of unit owners
  • Establishing a foundation and endowment fund
  • Establishment of a community of unit owners
  • Wills, contracts of inheritance and other acquisitions
  • Probate proceedings
  • Schedules of probate proceedings
  • Register search and Czech POINT contact point
  • Proof of evidence
  • Certificate of submission of the deed
  • Authentication of signature – legalization
  • Verification of the conformity of the copy with the document – vidimation

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